As you know, SFIA is committed to bringing the industry back through a four-pronged relaunch, re-engineer, recover and re-engage strategy. Policymakers will soon take up a fourth economic stimulus package referred to as "COVID-4". While the negotiations will be highly charged, legislators also are compiling non-controversial bipartisan measures to help put dollars back into consumers' pockets. Per your industry leadership, we need your help.

The Personal Health Investment Today ("PHIT") Act is ripe for consideration. Not only does it help businesses recover economically, it also helps re-engage with consumers. The coronavirus has brought home the following:

  • The active lifestyle industry was the first to shut down and is frequently, re-ordered to shut down during COVID surges.
  • Yet, physical activity is proven to improve respiratory health - a key factor to preventing COVID.
  • Americans have gained an average of 10+ pounds (children and adults) during shelter-in-place orders.
  • PHIT = solution for industry recovery AND healthy Americans.

We hope you will help us by taking these three advocacy steps:

 1.)  Utilizing social media and sending the below message to your Senators and Representatives                                                                                                                    

#PassPHIT4(insert preferred activity) campaign.

For example: #PassPHIT4baseball @SenMarkey

Twitter Handles of Senators can be found here

Twitter Handles of Representatives can be found here

2.)  Scheduling a virtual PHIT meeting with congressional offices on July 22, 2020

3.)  Sending a personalized email and/or letter. For example:

Personalize message below (message in blue, red is what you need to personalize)  and send to your Congressional Senators/Representatives (based on your company headquarters) and forward your copy of your messages to Bill Sells at bsells@sfia.org.

Find your Representatives here

Dear Senator/Representative (First and Last Name);

I hope you are well and I appreciate your work during this national crisis.

(Company) is a ('sporting goods' manufacturer) based in (Town, State) with (XX) employees. We are proud to make products active Americans need to stay healthy during this critical time. Toward that end, we request your co-sponsorship of S. 680 and H.R. 1679, the Personal Health Investment Today, commonly referred to as the "PHIT Act" - a bipartisan legislative proposal promoting active, healthy lifestyles. The pandemic has shined light on two key factors:

  • Active individuals were at far less risk of severe outcomes stemming from COVID; and
  • Active people put far less strain on our healthcare system.

Unfortunately, the active lifestyle industry has been one of the hardest hit industries as:

  • School and Youth sports stopped early on and remain largely shutdown;
  • Gyms, health clubs and fitness studios have been forced to close; and
  • Outdoor recreation experienced a significant drop.

Activity is key to reducing the impact of COVID and improving health in America. Families are struggling economically, however, and will emerge from COVID in worse economic (and physical) shape than they were prior to the shutdown. Giving Americans the option of using pre-tax medical dollars on physical activity to prevent disease will encourage healthier behavior. Consumers currently can use these funds on treatment of disease but not prevention through activity.

Including the PHIT Act either as a stand‐alone provision, or as part of the larger Covid-19 Youth Sports and Family Relief Act (HR 7562), in the next economic stimulus package will have the triple effect of:

  • Improving health in America;
  • Reducing the strain on our overall healthcare system; and
  • Providing consumer-driven economic stimulus to help active lifestyle industries harmed by COVID

Please support the inclusion of PHIT in the upcoming COVID relief package. America needs to be healthier; activity is key to better health and PHIT will lower the cost barrier to healthy activity by giving people the option of using pre-tax medical dollars to prevent disease - not just treat it.  


The active lifestyle industry is hurting from COVID-19. SFIA is working to help the industry with consumer-driven economic stimulus through the PHIT Act. By Congress's own estimates PHIT would lead to $2.5B in new spending in the active lifestyle industry. Active population fared far better during COVID. As Congress returns this week to consider the next relief package, we need them to include PHIT for physical and economic health.

Please review and share the documents linked below in your communications with Congress. 

To launch our campaign, please find a letter in the below link being delivered to Congress tomorrow requesting inclusion of PHIT in the next COVID Relief package.  The letter is signed by national organizations in the active lifestyle space and 3,700 local organizations.   

Letter can be found here

Below are links to documents highlighting the impact of inactivity on health in America and PHIT to increase activity for improved health.

Inactivity flyer can be found here

PHIT flyer can be found here

Please share the letter to Congressional Leaders, the Inactivity problem and PHIT solution documents with Congress.   

Push out #PassPHIT4(insert your activity here) and #PassPHIT through your social media channels. Congressional Twitter handles/Instagram accounts can be found here: Congressional Social Media Accounts.

This link includes a feature to look-up your Representative.

Finally, please use this link to find information on the Congressman/woman/Senator you will be asking to include PHIT in COVID relief.

Please join SFIA on Tuesday July 21, 2020 at 2 PM for our Webinar, register here, to walk through PHIT messaging and our strategy for moving PHIT as part of COVID relief for improved health through consumer driven economic stimulus to aid active lifestyle industries harmed by COVID shutdown.  

Play Sports Coalition - Make Your Voice Heard

Listen to our friend Diane Hart, the President and Executive Director of the National Association for Health and Fitness, discuss the benefits of PHIT

What is the PHIT Act?

A Way to Reduce Your Physical Activity Expenses! 

H.R. 1679 & S.680

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act will allow consumers to pay for physical activity expenses (from youth sports fess to gym memberships to sports equipment) using funds in pre-tax medical accounts (Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts).

Good health requires a commitment of time and money. Prevention and wellness are key to the future of our healthcare system but cost is a barrier to active lifestyles that did not exist in previous generations. The PHIT Act will lower consumers' cost and increase physical activity in America.

At a time when the parties do not agree on healthcare or taxes, the PHIT Act is an outlier with strong support from both republicans & democrats for this Active Lifestyle incentive.

Summary: The PHIT Act allows individuals & families to use funds in pre-tax medical accounts to lower cost of sports, fitness and other qualified physical activities & equipment

The PHIT Act Covers

  • Youth & Adult Sports League Fees
  • School Pay-to-Play Sports Fees
  • Gym & Health Club Membership Dues
  • Exercise & Yoga Classes
  • Personal Trainers
  • Bike Rentals

  • Sports & Fitness Equipment
  • Sport-Exclusive Footwear
  • Tournament & Race Registration Fees
  • Youth Camps
  • Fitness Tracking Devices
  • & Much More!

Consumers will see a 20-37% discount on sports related expenses 

The PHIT Act would make any expense exclusively intended for the sole purpose of being physically active eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement 


On Wednesday, February 12, lead PHIT cosponsor, Senator John Thune, made a point to ask Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to commit to legislation focusing on means of preventive care, namely physical activity, to curb overwhelming rates of chronic illness and other preventable diseases. This proposal came up in a Senate Finance Hearing to discuss the...

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