Youth Sports 

What is PHIT & Why it Matters to Youth Sports

The PHIT Act allows individuals & families to use funds in pre-tax medical accounts to lower cost of sports, fitness and other qualified physical activities & equipment such as:

  • Youth Sports League Fees
  • School Pay-to-Play Sports Fees
  • Youth Sports & Fitness Equipment
  • Recreational Activity Fees (hiking/camping trip, dance class etc.)
  • Sport-Exclusive Footwear
  • Tournament & Race Registration Fees
  • Youth Camps + Clinics
  • & Much More

The Facts

Use these statistics to help support PHIT

Financial Relief


  • PHIT helps take some of the financial burden off youth sports parent's, by allowing you to save money on expenses for the exclusive purpose of participating in youth sports/physical activity


  • PHIT will enable individuals to use up to $1,000 per year - up to $2,000 for families - to cover physical activity-related expenses.
  • Money will be placed in pre-tax accounts such as HSAs, FSAs & HRAs
  • Consumers(you) will save 25-37%

Prevention & Health

  • Inactivity can lead to higher health costs and chronic diseases - PHIT will allow you to use healthcare dollars to stay healthy up front and prevent illness

72% of parents believe inability to play sports has caused their children stress or anxiety, and we have seen a 50% decline in interest in sports participation among children

- The Aspen Institute Project Play

It's time for Congress to pass PHIT and help take some of the financial burden off families so kids can participate in sports and stay active & healthy!

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