PHIT Act Info

The PHIT Act allows individuals & families to use funds in pre-tax medical accounts to lower cost of sports, fitness and other qualified physical activities & equipment such as:

  • Youth & Adult Sports League Fees
  • School Pay-to-Play Sports Fees
  • Gym & Health Club Memberships
  • Personal Trainers
  • Bike Rentals
  • Sports & Fitness Equipment
  • Sport-Exclusive Footwear
  • Tournament & Race Registration Fees
  • Youth Camps
  • Fitness Tracking Devices
  • & Much More

The PHIT Act would make any expense exclusively intended for the sole purpose of being physically active eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement. Consumers would save 20-37%

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Self-Care Strategies

Self-care strategies are good for your mental + physical health and can help you take charge of your life. 

Take care of your body and your mind and connect with others to benefit your mental health. 

Take Care of Your Body

Be mindful about your physical health & participate in regular physical activity, which can help reduce anxiety & improve your mood. 

Find an activity that includes movement, such as dancing or a nice jog. Get outside, hike on a nature trail or your be active in own backyard.

Health Benefits of Physical Activity (Children)

Health Benefits of Physical Activity (Adults)

Average Weight Gain in Children on the East Coast During COVID-19

Alarming Statistics

Use these statistics to help support the PHIT Act

Nearly 2/3 of the population making under $75,000 per year are inactive

Inactivity Rates By Household Income, 2018 

Source: SFIA Topline Participation Report 2018
Source: SFIA Topline Participation Report 2018

Anatomy of an Unhealthy Life

Source: ACE Fitness
Source: ACE Fitness

Change is Needed NOW!

80 Million

Number of Americans who put money into pre-tax medical accounts in 2018

- Aite Group, 2019


Average Household income of HSA account holders

- WageWorks, 2018

$74.7 Billion Available in HSA (Health Savings Account) assets to Treat Disease Now

PHIT will allow use of funds in HSA accounts to prevent disease through physical activity 

Parents spend, on average, $671 per year on youth sports. And more than 20% of parents spend more than $1,000 on sports each year, for each child."

-National Council on Youth Sports, 2018

In the U.S., an investment of $1 in physical activity leads to $3.20 in medical cost savings"

- World Health Organization

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