PHIT Coalition to Promote Active, Healthy Lifestyles on Capitol Hill During National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Congressional Meeting with Rep. Bustos (2018)
Congressional Meeting with Rep. Bustos (2018)

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act has been making great strides with the new Congress this year, having already racked up nearly 50 cosponsors in support of the bill. The PHIT Coalition, which consists of members of the medical community, health & fitness clubs, youth sports organizations, professional sports leagues, outdoor recreation clubs, personal trainers and SFIA, will be on Capitol Hill on May 22nd to meet with members of Congress. During these congressional meetings, the PHIT Coalition will bring attention to the critical role physical activity plays in the health and future of America.

The PHIT Act will benefit families and individuals struggling to cover activity-related expenses, such as gym memberships, equipment fees and race registrations. PHIT will also benefit our nation's youth, as it will lower the costs of youth sports leagues, training camps & clinics and much more. Overall, passing PHIT will allow more people to get moving and participate in physical activity, leading to a healthier life for many Americans. Passing this bill would be a huge milestone for our country, as we are continuing to see household income play an increasingly large role in activity levels. Poor health and skyrocketing healthcare costs is something this country cannot afford.

Join us in our efforts to promote PHIT by contacting your Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators on social media and/or via email with the message #PassPHIT!